What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a reusable period product. Unlike tampons and other single-use disposables, menstrual cups can be cleaned and reused, often for years before they need to be replaced. They’re a funnel or bell-shaped cup that is made from flexible silicone and is inserted inside the vagina to catch and hold onto period fluids until ready to be emptied.

The main appeal of menstrual cups is that they’re eco-friendly alternatives to disposable alternatives. As they collect fluids rather than absorb them, they can hold more blood than tampons and pads. Depending on your flow, you could wear a menstrual cup for up to 8 hours, reducing the need for a number of disposable tampons or pads.

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How to use a menstrual cup

It’s easier than you think to learn how to use a menstrual cup, even if it may feel a little intimidating at first. To begin, all you need to do is get to grips with our three simple steps to becoming a menstrual master:

1. Wash Hands

1. Wash Hands

Wash your hands and clean your Lunette Menstrual Cup with Feelbetter Cup Cleanser.

2. Fold & Hold

2. Fold & Hold

Fold the cup in on itself to make it flat and then in half to form a C shape.

3. Insert

3. Insert

Get into a comfortable position and relax. Keep the cup folded and guide it into the vagina, rim first.

4. Wear & Learn

4. Wear & Learn

Try different folds that accentuate the insertion point: Most use the typical C-fold. However, there are many ways to fold a Lunette. Check out the most common different folds that you can use with your period cup.

5. Remove & Empty

5. Remove & Empty

Grasp the bottom of the cup and gently squeeze to break the seal — don’t pull the stem, it will just make the suction stronger. Empty out the contents of the cup into the toilet.

6. Clean & Sanitise

6. Clean & Sanitise

The Menstruation Cup should be cleaned before and after your periods, and after emptying. Wash using hot water and Lunette Feelbetter Cup Cleanser, which is specially designed for silicone cups.

Choosing the right cup for you

Just as no two people are identical, no two periods are the same. Your period is unique, which is why you need menstrual protection that’s made just for you. To make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your period, we offer two distinct cup sizes, each with their own design.

For light-to-normal flow

The Lunette Cup Model 1 is suited to menstruators who experience light to normal flow, resulting in anything from spotting to light bleeding. If you normally find yourself changing a low or regular-absorbency tampon or pad two to three times a day, this is the size for you.

By their nature, all Lunette Menstrual Cups are soft and pliable. The Lunette Cup Model 1, however, is made from softer silicone than the Model 2 for enhanced comfort and ease of use.

For normal-to-heavy flow

The Lunette Cup Model 2 is made of a firmer silicone than the Model 1, offering more protection from heavy bleeding. Despite this, the Model 2 is still soft and pliable to keep you comfortable throughout your period.

If you’re used to anything from moderate bleeding to very heavy bleeding, then the Lunette Cup Model 2 was made with you in mind. Choose this size if you typically find yourself changing high-absorbency tampons and pads every two to four hours, or more frequently.

Find your size

Not everyone perfectly fits into a category, so if you’re still unsure on which cup size is best for you, just answer a few questions and we’ll guide you on your journey to menstrual harmony.

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Keeping your Menstrual Cup feeling fresh

Another concern that many people have during their period is worrying about smells. Thankfully, We’re all about taking care of period woes, which is why we’ve got a number of secrets to share with you to ensure your menstrual cup is always fresh and free of any funky smells.

Step 1

Cleaning products

The best way to keep your cup squeaky clean is to use our Feelbetter Cup Cleanser or Lunette Cupwipes. Our cleaning products are specifically formulated to be 100% safe for your body and will keep your menstrual cup clean, fresh and odor-free.

Step 2

Boil your cup

Popping your menstrual cup into boiling water for 5-10 minutes before and after your period will help to maintain the cleanliness of the cup and the health of your vagina. Just make sure you’re using a deep pot to boil water in or you may risk burning or warping the cup.

Step 3

Leave it to soak

Leaving your cup to soak can help to remove discoloration and smells. Rubbing alcohol, lemon juice or a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar are all great natural ingredients that you use to freshen up your cup. After soaking for an hour, just make sure to boil your cup for 20 minutes to remove any residue (you’re welcome!).

How to Fold a Menstrual Cup

C-fold or Heart Fold

C-fold or Heart Fold

Punch Down Fold or Shell Fold

Punch Down Fold or Shell Fold

Fold or Triangle Fold

Fold or Triangle Fold

Tips for beginners

  • Insert
  • Remove
  • Clean

Practice during your period: The vagina is more flexible and the blood works as a lubricant. Or . . .

Take a "dry run" before your period: You might be more comfortable practicing before your period if you feel squeamish about touching blood. In this case, use water or water-based lubricant to make things easier.

Try different folds that accentuate the insertion point: Most use the typical C-fold. However, there are many ways to fold a Lunette. Check out the most common different folds that you can use with your period cup.

Proper insertion direction: Be aware that the direction of insertion needs to be aimed towards the small of your back — not straight up.

Be patient: Know that it may take several times before you are successful. If you begin without the expectation of perfect insertion, you are more likely to be relaxed and pleasantly surprised when success happens.

Assess the stem: Once inserted, you will need to decide whether or not to keep the stem. If it protrudes, it will be uncomfortable. In this case, you likely won't need the stem and can trim it shorter or off completely. However, if not, you may need it to assist with removal.

Menstrual Cup Benefits

Be prepared for anything — Never again will you find yourself caught out without disposable products on your period. Say goodbye to frantic, last-minute trips to the shop!

Live without limits — With a secure, fixed placement, you’ll never need to hold back while on your period. You can play sports, lie down or even swim; the cup moves with your body to guarantee all-day protection.

Save money — On average, menstruators will use 22 disposable products during a cycle — that adds up to a whopping 12,000 during a lifetime! A single menstrual cup, however, can be reused for years before needing to be replaced.

Care for your body — All Lunette Menstrual Cups are made free from harmful chemicals and are 100% safe for human tissue. In fact, a Danish study of seven of the top menstrual cup brands found that Lunette was the only cup tested that contained no harmful substances. Zero!


Can I sleep with a menstrual cup?

Absolutely! You can wear your cup for up to 8 hours, making it a great alternative to bulky maxi pads. Just pop your cup in before you head to bed and rest easy knowing you’ll be covered until the morning.

Can I play sports with a menstrual cup?

Totally! A Lunette cup is made of flexible, high-quality silicone, so it will bend and move with your body, no matter what you’re doing. Your cup can be worn for up to 8 hours, leaving you to do your thing — so no more pad lines in your gym leggings!

Will my menstrual cup leak?

It shouldn’t, but if it does there’s always a reason. To avoid an emergency trip to the bathroom, make sure the cup has opened properly and that you’re not wearing it too high or that it’s sitting next to your cervix. Always rotate your cup after insertion to make sure it’s formed a good seal. Maybe even try a different folding method. And make sure to empty your cup frequently enough so it doesn’t overflow.

Can I have sex with a menstrual cup in?

If you’re feeling frisky, the cup is so discreet that your partner won’t even notice you’re on your period. You should never, however, have penetrative sex while using your cup.

Can my menstrual cup get lost inside?

Nope! The cup sits inside your vagina and can’t pass through your cervix. Sometimes it may take a minute to find the stem of your cup, but don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere.

Can I swim with a menstrual cup?

Of course you can! With up to 8 hours of wear, your menstrual cup is the perfect pool party partner. So you can head to the beach and perfect your breaststroke without worrying about your period — no strings attached.

How To Use a Menstrual Cup

Lunette menstrual cups are designed to be simple and fuss-free. Simply fold and insert. Done! Use the guide below and you’ll be a period ninja in no time.

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