Can you use a menstrual cup with an IUD?

IUDs (Intra-Uterine Device) are an internal contraceptive device and, just like menstrual cups, are becoming more and more popular!

To find out more about them, check out our article ‘A Guide to IUDs’.

But is it ok to use a menstrual cup with an IUD? Since both sit inside of you this is an important consideration and you’ve probably heard mix stories from people who have used one or the other. Whether you’re using an IUD and thinking of getting a menstrual cup (or vice versa!), here’s what you really need to know:

Using and removing an IUD with a menstrual cup

So, can you use an IUD with a menstrual cup? ABSOLUTELY! There are, however, some important considerations to make (to make sure your contraceptive and period power duo work harmoniously together).

Firstly, it’s important you check the length of the string of your IUD. Also, that the device can move slightly - so be sure to check it regularly and ask your doctor if you’re unsure.

When using a menstrual cup the string ideally sits above or inside of the cup. You can double check this after inserting your menstrual cup by running your finger around the edge and making sure you can’t feel the string.

Your menstrual cup forms a slight suction on the walls of the vagina (which is how it sits nice, snug, and leak-free!). Lunette menstrual cups are designed to be super smooth with a good softness so it shouldn’t pinch your IUD string.

If the string is too long you can also ask your doctor to shorten it a bit for you.

Another thing to be a little more careful of is how you remove your menstrual cup if you do have an IUD. Since the menstrual cup creates that little bit of suction, you don’t want to forcefully remove it and accidentally tug on the IUD string (generally we advise no forceful movements around that area anyway!).

This study found that there is no evidence to indicate that tampon or menstrual cup use can cause higher rates or early IUD expulsion.

Whether you use an IUD or not, but especially if you do, it’s important to break the seal of the cup as you are removing it which removes the suction effect.

Simply squeeze the base of the cup as you are pulling it out to break the seal.

For more information on inserting and removing your menstrual cup read our article ‘How to use’.

Should I wait between having my IUD fitted and using a period cup

Generally it’s good to wait a couple of weeks after getting your IUD inserted to start using a menstrual cup. The risks of difficulties are the highest right at the start and it’s good to give yourself time.

We always recommend having a chat with your doctor too so they can keep you advised and also possibly recommend shortening the IUD string length for you.