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    The future of period care
    Comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly period
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    Keep it clean
    Lunette cups are easy to use and clean


Lunette menstrual cups are easy to use. Simply fold the Lunette and insert. Done! Plus you'll experience up to 12 HOURS of worry-free use.


Lunette menstrual cups are made of soft medical grade silicone and are BPA free. This means no yeast, bacteria or odor. Just cleanliness and comfort.

Sustainable & Vegan

Lunette menstrual cups are designed, developed and packaged with the environment at heart. It’s also the best alternative to disposable period products which pollute our planet.

Ready to say Hello to the future of period care?

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Our Journal

Tired of seeing those period commercials that show us how absorbent their tampons or pads are from a blue liquid representing our period blood? (they’re SO OFF if they think our vaginas are producing that color). Okay okay, in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to relate to a single one of those period commercials, have you? If I’m wearing a pad and doing yoga at the same time, there’s absolutely no way I’m going to feel fresh and comfortable, and I’m definitely not all smiles during my period week! If tampon and pad commercials were honest, we’d be seeing what it’s really like to have a period. Come on advertising and marketing gurus, there’s GOT to be a better way to portray how real menstruating humans actually feel! This issue at hand is, most people feel uncomfortable when someone brings up the “period” topic. In fact, I’m pretty sure people only talk about it with other menstruating humans, and in the comfort of their own private home. Non-menstruating humans, what are you afraid of? Unfortunately, having a period is often viewed as shameful, dirty, and being “explicit” content. Something so natural, that happens to HALF of the population, and literally creates life, has a negative don’t-talk-about-it reputation, but how can we stop that? Content, photos especially, related to periods often get taken down from social media yet we feel more comfortable seeing images of women being objectified and sexualized. Please tell me how this is right. It’s not. The advertising world has made it seem like a fantasy girly-girl land if you succumb to a certain period care product that’s on television. If you’re feeling crampy and cranky during your period, then FEEL crampy and cranky – no one has the right to judge you. Just remember that you’re still a badass and your uterus does wonders ;) Our bodies go through a lot of changes in life, and it’s about time people (and the media) start realizing the truth about menstruation. So, next time you feel embarrassed buying tampons, pads, or a menstrual cup at the grocery store, or someone gives you the “stink eye” when you start talking about your period, remember that without one, that person wouldn’t be alive AND periods are AWESOME. Break the taboo and start embracing your uterus and all that it does. Are you with us?

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Period ads are out, REAL MENSTRUATING HUMANS are in

Today we’re releasing our new video, a story we’re excited to share and the kind we would like to see more of, both on camera and in the real world. We’re really passionate about the products we make (like truly, madly, deeply kind of passionate) but products only get us so far. It’s the bigger picture stuff, the ideas behind the products, the stories we tell ourselves in our day to day that really makes the difference. Products don’t empower you. We believe you already have the power right there within but that access to informed choices, sharing big ideas and creating new stories for ourselves helps us become empowered. This video is one of many kinds of stories but it’s the kind of journey we’d like, and are determined to, see more of. About the ability to open up to more and pursue those dreams. To dare to have courage in your inner self. To listen to, and share, the colorful visionary you that might have been there all along. Sounding all a bit too idyllic? We get it. But our story really is about giving you more choice, freedom and inspiration to pursue yours, no matter what that might look like. Check out the video here: What sort of empowerment stories would you like to see more of?

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New Video: The Power Within

When it comes to business, sustainability and responsibility are uber important. Would you choose to support or run a company that dumps ridiculous amounts of waste into landfills, or creates harsh work environments for employees? Hell to the no. And we wouldn’t either!

How does sustainability and responsibility in business affect the world?

  • Counteracts environmental issues: we only have ONE...

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Sustainable Strength in Business
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