Sustainable Strength in Business

When it comes to business, sustainability and responsibility are uber important. Would you choose to support or run a company that dumps ridiculous amounts of waste into landfills, or creates harsh work environments for employees? Hell to the no. And we wouldn’t either!

How does sustainability and responsibility in business affect the world?

  • Counteracts environmental issues: we only have ONE planet earth after all.
  • Enhances workplace conditions: equating in happier peeps.
  • Addresses human rights issues: as people, we are all entitled to our rights!

Creating Jobs

A benefit of running responsibility driven business is providing jobs for people in the area. Lunette is a Finnish brand, and our products are made and packed in Finland, which creates jobs for locals.

Another benefit of keeping things local is knowing first hand about working conditions. Since our products are made and packed nearby, we know the production process well, and we know that the working conditions for employees are great.

Responsible businesses can also provide particular types of jobs to people who are challenged in finding work. A company called Titry packs our products. Titry is a unique organization that employs people who have disabilities / a hard time getting jobs.

Keeping it Très Eco-friendly

There are many ways for businesses to keep it green with their products, and eco-friendly in their offices. Here are some things that we do at Lunette:

How are you rocking sustainability in your life or, if you’re a #girlboss, in your business? Comment below and share with us!