Providing Aide to Menstruating Girls In Need

It feels great to give back, right? As a savvy woman, with the world at her fingertips, it’s important to stay up to speed on what’s happening to girls across the globe who may not have it so easy. We’ve got to ban together for change!

Since the beginning of Lunette, our founder Heli has made charity work a big focus of our mission. Some of our first projects were with World Vision (2010) and Kate Brooks (2012), where we donated Lunette cups to local women in Kenya and educated them on health issues.

Why is this important?

The most common problem for school girls in Kenya is a lack of sanitary protection. Most girls miss a whole week of school each month because of their periods, and they eventually drop out earlier than boys do. Can you imagine having to deal with this yourself?

That idea led us to link up with The Cup. The Cup is an awesome non-profit whose mission is to educate and empower girls living in challenging environments. They do this by giving girls life skill training and access to menstrual cups.

For these girls, a menstrual cup means they can stay in school, i.e. no longer have to miss school because of her period!

What does Lunette and The Cup do exactly?

- The project began in 2015 in Kibera, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, Kenya.

- We provide four one-hour sessions where girls get sexual/health education. They can ask whatever questions they have.

- During the session a girl gets a cup, so she no longer has to miss school because of her period.

- Since the project started, the lives of thousands of girls have changed for the better. Post session, these girls have stopped missing school because of their periods, and are armed with reliable information about issues concerning sexual health and menstruation. Winning!

The Skinny on the Menstrual Hygiene Management Package

We also give back via Menstrual Hygiene Management packages. The MHM package increases awareness of health issues and human rights and provides cups to girls in need. The package includes a Lunette cup and hands-on training for girls. The training focuses on the girl’s needs and covers reproductive health, hygiene, HIV, and human rights.

Why the MHM package rocks:

- Increases gender equality

- Improves attendance in school or work

- Gives a better understanding of reproductive health and rights

- Improves sanitation

- Provides savings for women and girls

- Reduces waste

We find it super important to be a part of the change and create lasting solutions in the world. What are you doing to help bring change to those in need? Share your stories below- no matter how big or small!