A Period Product that Makes Education Possible

Can you imagine being discriminated against, even experiencing violence, simply because you're on your period? Sadly, this is still happening in many different parts of the world: women and girls faced with adversity related to their menstrual hygiene.

Picture yourself having to deal with this:

- Missing school or work each month because you're on your period. Even being forced to sit still at home and bleed!

- Stressing out about over-using pads or not having enough underwear.

- Having to use unsanitary materials like cloth, tissue, OR pieces of mattresses because you have zero access to personal care products.

- Engaging in transactional sex (i.e. sex for pads) to be able to go to school.

The above is the reality many girls face, especially in developing countries. Despite progress made in recent years, girls continue to suffer immense disadvantage/exclusion in the education system for the majority of their lives because they bleed!

Team Lunette sees this as an increase in untapped potential and a decline in future girl bosses across the globe.

The solution seems obvious: these young girls need access to education. By providing more girls with schooling, it's possible to help not only the girl being educated but the community as a whole.

Educated women are:

- Less likely to marry early and against their will.

- Less likely to die in childbirth.

- More likely to have healthy babies.

- More likely to send their children to school.

This positive step towards change will affect entire communities and ensure that future generations have the chance to make a difference for the better.

Our goal is to be a part of this positive change by making sure that girls and women EVERYWHERE have a healthy, sustainable and affordable option for period products. We work with locals, and our aim is to achieve positive, long-term impacts.

Are you as determined as we are to change attitudes and prejudices and be a part of the positive change that is happening in the world right now? Give us a shout out below if you're onboard with that!