We like curves, especially learning curves. So, here’s your crash-course to the world of period cups.

The most convenient alternative to tampons and pads

Never run out of tampons or pads again. Pretty convenient, huh? Participate in any sport. Get naked if you want – without a string peeking out.

The most ecological alternative to tampons and pads

Think about the amount of waste you spare if you stop buying disposable products. We even developed 100% plastic-free packaging for our cups.

The most economical alternative to tampons and pads

Our cup will never be the cheapest but it lasts for years. We don’t skimp on quality or compromise our design. That’s why people return to Lunette and write us letters about their adventures with other brands.

Oh, and the healthiest

Lunette is made of medical grade silicone. It holds the menstrual fluid discretely in a small cup inside of you. Sounds fresh compared to a pad in your pants, right?

Choose your favorite from our amazing colors!