Zero-Waste Galentine's Day

Guest Post by 𝙼 𝚎 𝚐 𝚎 𝚊 𝚗 | Zero Waste Nerd (@zerowastenerd)

Unlike Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day (or what I like to call it - Palentine’s Day) is a day we get to leave our partners and significant others at home to gather with our best pals and celebrate our friendships. And in true Leslie Knope fashion, Galentine’s Day/Palentine’s Day traditionally involves breakfast foods and tokens of appreciation.

I LOVE any excuse to throw a party or get someone I cherish a gift because family and friendships are the most important wealth we should acquire.

And since Mother Earth is our most important pal, any celebratory festivities need to be sustainable.

But with current events, most of us will probably avoid any group gatherings this year and celebrate at home. The best way we can show our loved ones we care this year is by staying home together if we can.

For me, my Palentine's Day will be a day of sustainable self-care because darn it, I deserve it and so do you!

I am going to plan the perfect day to treat ourselves!

Let’s start the day by sleeping in and catching up on our beauty rest. Once awake, we will enjoy a nice cup of loose-leaf tea that we purchased from a bulk tea shop and a huge plate of homemade waffles piled high with fresh package free fruit. Go ahead and throw some dark chocolate chips on them.

Or even try a recipe from Lunette’s, 50 Shades of Red booklet where you’ll find tasty recipes and learn about what nutrients to consider when you are on your period.

Following breakfast, put on your favorite secondhand clothes because we eco-swans repeat outfits.

If it’s warm enough, pack yourself a yummy, plant-based lunch (in reusables of course), and head to your favorite local park where you can hike, read, or just nap. I love to go birding in my free time, so I’ll be toting my birding journal and colored pencils.

Check out a local thrift store if it’s safe enough and wander through the countless shelves and racks full of pre-loved treasures.

If it’s slightly cold in your area, curl up on the couch with a good book - like mine!

Spend the afternoon drawing, coloring, sewing, or even mixing DIY products like makeup or essential toiletries. Even try honing a new skill like trying your hand at making homemade pasta for a delicious meal later.

And in the evening, treat yourself to a soothing bath because it’s ok every once in a while. Add your favorite package-free bath bomb or some lovely, homemade bath salts.

And don’t forget about your pals! Give them a call and treat them to a nice sustainable gift this year like a Lunette Cup. Taking care of our bodies both inside and out is the truest form of self-love.

Any time I’m with my pals, we always end up on the topic of menstrual cups. Which might seem strange but seriously, we’re all just hardwired for curiosity. After I explain how menstrual cups have been an absolute game changer for me, they are usually sold.

Menstrual cups completely liberated me from the traditional routine of worrying if I had disposable products on hand, worrying if I was going to leak throughout the day, and to my complete surprise, diminishing my menstrual cramps entirely.

During my period, I slip my cup in before I head to work and then don’t have to worry about anything until I get home. Same for at night. I no longer feel that impending doom of waking up to stained sheets despite using the most absorbent disposables available.


So, treat yourself and your bestie to a Lunette Cup this year! To make this even more fantastic, Lunette is having a Buy One Get One deal happening for 24hours! Don’t miss this! Use code: GAL2FOR1

Trust me, you will be forever changed. Happy Palentine’s Day!