People for Periods: The Lunette Ambassador Program

It’s time to normalize periods. Period.    

In 2021, let’s rise above the taboos and gender-based questions. Be part of changing the conversation as a period advocate and Lunette ambassador.  


Let's get this bloody show on the road 

This year, with your help, we want to extend our outreach even more! We are looking for passionate period champions from around the world whose mission is to inspire their communities to normalize the bloody conversation. We want YOU to join us in our mission to change attitudes about periods and connect with people who have been looking for a product just like the Lunette Cup and Lunette Reusable Pads. 

If you enjoy authentic connections, live and breathe social media and are tired of these archaic period taboos, join our People.  


Sign me up! I’m ready to: 

🩸 Move, shake and fight for what the world should be.  

🩸 Inspire communities to be inclusive, eco-friendly and safe for all.   

🩸 Receive the latest on products  

🩸 Meet a network of changemakers  

🩸 Expand my reach  

🩸 Have the potential to earn some extra money   

🩸 Participate in monthly keynotes and seminars, with trendsetters and influential badasses like Lunette’s CEO, Heli Kurjanen. 


We believe in reciprocity. Our People receive perks and get to play in our inclusive sandbox.  

What are our People like? They are fearless game-changers and positive leaders in their communities.    

If you’re interested in joining our crusade for period power, complete this form February 15th, 2020.   

Although we would love to include all applicants, we will be selecting a limited number of candidates this time around.