New Video: The Power Within

Today we’re releasing our new video, a story we’re excited to share and the kind we would like to see more of, both on camera and in the real world.

We’re really passionate about the products we make (like truly, madly, deeply kind of passionate) but products only get us so far. It’s the bigger picture stuff, the ideas behind the products, the stories we tell ourselves in our day to day that really makes the difference.

Products don’t empower you. We believe you already have the power right there within but that access to informed choices, sharing big ideas and creating new stories for ourselves helps us become empowered.

This video is one of many kinds of stories but it’s the kind of journey we’d like, and are determined to, see more of.

About the ability to open up to more and pursue those dreams. To dare to have courage in your inner self. To listen to, and share, the colorful visionary you that might have been there all along.

Sounding all a bit too idyllic? We get it. But our story really is about giving you more choice, freedom and inspiration to pursue yours, no matter what that might look like.

Check out the video here:

What sort of empowerment stories would you like to see more of?