How to reduce your period waste and be sustainable

If you want to be a hero in global waste issues, switching to a menstrual cup is a great way to start. It’s zero-waste, safe for your body, eco-friendly and reusable!

Who hasn’t stumbled upon the agonizing news about all the plastic waste not making it into a bin? We’re talking about all the plastic straws and bags that end up in the ocean and cause huge problems to our ecosystem. Not only is that a huge issue in itself, but did you know that some disposable menstrual pads can contain as much plastic as four plastic bags? Yikes!

One menstruating person throws away around 11,000 disposable period products during their lifetime. You can do something about your period product waste simply by switching to a reusable menstrual cup.

Plastic is not the only problem when we talk about disposable pads and tampons. When they are flushed down the toilet – as many of us do – they cause problems in wastewater treatment plants. Did you know that you are not supposed to throw tampons or pads into toilets, even in Nordic countries where there’s a decent sewage system? The only thing you should be flushing is your poop, pee, and toilet paper (and obviously your menstrual blood). Otherwise, the risk rises, and the waste won’t end up where it is supposed to.

Protecting the environment and creating sustainable solutions have always been a priority at Lunette. One of the greatest features of our menstrual cup is the huge difference it makes regarding waste issues. It is produced consciously in Finland, and by using a Lunette Cup, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Lunette has been supporting sustainable development since it began in 2005. We are participating in many projects within this sector and we have found amazing organizations to work alongside with to strive towards reducing our plastic footprint. 

You can check out our give-back programs here!

Each year on the 22nd of April we celebrate Earth Day with a pledge to help divert period trash from ending up in oceans, landfills and the environment with our #CupTogether challenge.

One zero-waste Lunette Cup eliminates the need for about 286 pieces of disposable period products per year per menstruator. Participating in our #CupTogether challenge you will keep nearly 600 pieces of period trash per year from entering our waterways and landfills, reduce the period manufacturing carbon footprint and save an average of $20-30 per month on period care.