Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum are Bloody Awesome!

As we kick off our fifteenth year of breaking bloody taboos, we wanted to take some time to show our appreciation for those who are working hard to create change in the world.

Menstruator or not, these people are creating conversation and shining bright lights on ways we can all make the world better.


So let’s get this period party started!

*drum roll, please*

The February Bloody Awesome Award goes to Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum.

This mother-daughter duo are the creative geniuses behind StyleLikeU, a storytelling platform powering a self-acceptance revolution through radically honest videos, podcasts, books and documentaries.

The beautiful collection of What’s Underneath stories told only by StyleLikeU features brave individuals who proudly stand outside of norms and are comfortable in their own skin. Stripping away layers of cultural conditioning both figuratively and literally, they talk about the evolution of their self-image while shedding away clothing one piece at a time. Through their intimate storytelling, these individuals are claiming self-acceptance while raising awareness and creating healing around all-too-often taboo topics in our society.

Because, as seen on one of their recent (and always insightful) Instagram posts, StyleLikeU believes that the more comfortable with who we are in our essence, the more we can free ourselves from our stories, negative mental loops and fears that cause pain and projection - and in doing so, the more pure we can be in our love and intention, thus allowing us to become more powerful.

Goose bumps, anyone?

That’s what we thought.

Which leaves no question why so many people, including models, activists and artists like OITNB’s Lea Delaria, Girls’ Jemima Kirke, and international superstar Lizzo have all sat down with StyleLikeU to share their stories.

Stories that can be found all over the internet, in their beautifully inspiring book, and a documentary that will be coming out later this year.

Want to learn more about StyleLikeU?

You can find them on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram

While you’re at it, check out the series of Period Stories we were so lucky to partner on this fall. They can be found here

Want to be part of their self-acceptance revolution? Become a member of their Patreon today