The Four Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle

Tracking the phases of your cycle can unlock a whole world of potential and thinking about them as seasons can really help solidify the hormonal - and emotional - journey we go on each month! 

Here’s our Lunette guide to the four seasons of your menstrual cycle - and how to optimize your mind, body and lifestyle in every phase! 


Menstruation - Winter 

Day 1 of your menstrual cycle is the first day of your period. When thinking about your cycle as seasons, menstruation is thought of as winter - a time for hibernation! 

What’s happening in your body

Your estrogen and progesterone levels are declining - and this is signaling to your body that it’s time to shed your womb lining aka bleed. 

How you might be feeling 

It’s not uncommon to feel pretty fatigued during your period - especially during the first day or two. You might also suffer from pain and cramping - and whilst some discomfort is normal during your winter phase, if you are in agony, definitely go and see a doctor. 

The good news is that, if you struggle with low mood in the lead-up to your bleed, you might find yourself feeling a lot brighter once your period arrives! 

How to nourish your body

Rest is the name of the game when it comes to your Winter phase - but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch exercise altogether. Moving your body can actually help to alleviate period cramps and fatigue - so try some low-impact exercise like walking or yoga. Whilst your energy levels might be low, your body is very busy making your period happen - so when it comes to nutrition, support your energy stores with lots of lean protein and healthy fats!

How to nourish your mind 

During our period we might feel more sensitive and withdrawn - but don’t see that as a bad thing! Just as plants close down and animals hibernate in winter, it’s totally ok for us to take some time out from the real world to rest and rejuvenate. Cancel those plans, listen to your body and prioritize self-care - we’re huge fans of long, hot baths at this time!  

Your Winter phase superpowers 

Menstruation is a powerful time for reflection and looking inward. Grab your journal and start to jot down things you have learnt from the last month and how they have made you feel - you might be surprised by what comes out on the page!  This is also a great time to make big decisions, as you can really tap into your intuition!

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Follicular Phase - Spring 

The phase between your period and ovulation is called the Follicular Phase - usually around Day 4-14 of your cycle. In cyclical living terms, we call it Spring. 

What’s happening in your body
During this phase, your ovaries grow follicles that can mature into an egg - which will be released during ovulation. Your pituitary gland releases the hormone FSH which tells the follicle to grow. As the follicle matures it will start to produce estrogen  - the Beyonce of hormones! 

How you might be feeling 

As your estrogen levels rise - so will your energy and desire to socialize! You might notice that you feel more creative, curious and adventurous, eager to get out and explore the world. In the animal kingdom, pre-ovulation is a time we might start to look for a mate - so you might also be more flirtatious than usual! 

How you should nourish your body

With increased energy levels, your Spring phase is a great time to get active and try new things! Now is a good opportunity to sign up to that HIIT class you’ve been thinking of joining or combine exercise with socializing by going hiking with friends.  

How you should nourish your mind 

You might find that you are bursting with ideas during this time - so make the most of this and stimulate your mind with creative endeavors! Vision boarding is a great way to capture all of that optimistic energy and start looking ahead to the future.   

What are your superpowers? 

During our follicular phase our social skills are reaching their peak! If you’re looking to meet the love of your life or make new friends, now is a great time to put yourself out there as you’re sure to be super charming! 

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Ovulation - Summer 

Ovulation usually arrives at the midpoint of your cycle - but this can vary from person to person. Ovulation is known as ‘Summer’ because things are hotting up! 

What’s happening in your body

Estrogen levels will be at their peak right before ovulation, as the follicle reaches its final maturity. When the egg is ready, the body releases a surge of luteinizing hormone which will trigger the release of the egg down the fallopian tube - this is the process of ovulation! 

During this time your body is preparing for potential conception - so you might notice your cervical mucus becomes thinner and wetter, to help the sperm travel up to the egg.  

How you might be feeling 

As this is your most fertile window, it’s unsurprising that your libido will likely be at its peak! Aside from feeling pretty sexy, you might also notice a boost in your confidence and communication skills.  

How you should nourish your body

Our estrogen levels reach their peak during this phase and excess estrogen can have some negative side effects - including breast tenderness and skin issues. Now is a great time to include foods that help the liver process estrogen - like  kale, broccoli, garlic, radishes and onions. 

How you should nourish your mind 

Ovulation is the perfect time to delve into pleasure - with yourself or with a partner - so explore those fantasies and try new things If you are trying to conceive, there can often be a lot of stress and urgency around ovulation - so try to go easy on yourself and have fun along the way.  

What are your superpowers? 

The confidence and eloquence you might experience during ovulation can make it the perfect time to negotiate. Whether that’s asking for a raise at work or getting your partner to agree to that much needed holiday - this is the time to go for it!

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Luteal Phase - Autumn 

The time between ovulation and your next period is known as your luteal phase - or Autumn - but you may know it as your pre-menstrual time. 

What’s happening in your body

If pregnancy doesn’t occur during ovulation, the egg and the follicle will break down - signaling to the body that the womb lining is not needed. 

Your body produces progesterone to support early pregnancy - but if a pregnancy doesn’t occur the levels of progesterone will drop, as will your estrogen. These hormonal changes will trigger your next period.  

How you might be feeling 

As you can see there are a lot of hormonal changes going on during your luteal phase - and this can trigger symptoms of PMS in some people. If you’re feeling sensitive, anxious or under confident, don;t worry, you are not alone. 

How you should nourish your body

If you find that alcohol impacts your mood (it is a depressant after all) it might be a good idea to swap your wine for a kombucha during this time. You can also improve your mood by doing some light exercise and eating foods that support mental as well as physical wellbeing - so that’s plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon.

How you should nourish your mind 

If you are struggling with low mood in the lead up to your period, be sure to do everything you can to support your mental wellbeing. Take it easy but be sure to make time for things that make you feel good - whether that’s catching up with a friend, reading your favorite book or simply cleaning the house so you can enjoy a calming environment.  

What are your superpowers? 

The luteal phase gets a bad reputation, but the truth is that being premenstrual has a lot of benefits! One of our favorite benefits of Autumn is our ability to talk straight and be very clear with people about what we want - great for setting boundaries and having difficult conversations! You might also find yourself feeling super organized - so if you have any annoying admin tasks you have been putting off - now is a great time to do them! 

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