Bridging the Resource Gap: Lunette and the Sustainable Period Project

We just kept hearing the same comments over and over again;

“Why don’t they teach about these in schools?”

“I wish I’d heard about these years ago”

These words along with the fact that teachers were beginning to request sample menstrual cups for their school made us realise that there was a resource gap that needed to be filled. Traditionally, students were only taught about conventional disposable pads and tampons, and there wasn’t a mention of biodegradable options or reusable menstrual hygiene products such as cloth pads, period underwear or menstrual cups.

Studies show that students will generally continue to use the same menstruation products that they were introduced to in school. The Sustainable Period Project fills that void to enhance the education of our future adults.

The aim of the Sustainable Period Project is to provide a FREE resource kit to every Australian and New Zealand Secondary school by 2020.

Why is Lunette doing this?

At Lunette, our mission is to have honest and inspiring conversations about menstruation so that we can motivate period positivity – and change the world one cup at a time. Education and Sustainability are two of our core values, and with our health professional backgrounds, establishing the Sustainable Period Project was a natural step for us.

Why is the Sustainable Period Project so important to us?

The importance, benefits and long-term impact of the Sustainable Period Project are huge:

  • Raises awareness of environmental impact from disposable sanitary products
  • Encourage sustainable practices and reduction of waste within schools
  • Empower students to decide on and examine alternatives and to assess the associated risks
  • Encourage students to make individual informed decisions based on a broad number of factors
  • Addresses the curriculum by acknowledging the link between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment
  • Encourages students to take actions that promote the health of themselves and others (including environmental issues)

What does the Sustainable Period Project resource kit look like?

It took months of resource-development and establishing collaborations from other sustainable menstrual hygiene companies to develop the resource that’s been nicknamed the “Revolution in a box.”

Each box contains:

-USB containing quizzes, handouts, PowerPoint presentations and notes, craft activity, videos

-Samples of; Biodegradable disposable pads, 2x menstrual cups, 1 pair of Period underwear, 1x reusable cloth pad

-Booklet about menstruation, 2-page handout “Reusable Sanitary Options”

Sustainable Period Project

How is the project funded?

The Sustainable Period Project is sponsored by Lunette Menstrual Cups in Australia and New Zealand. A percentage of the profits from online sales and 100% of profits from the Pink Monki charity cup are used to fund printing, handouts, postage, packaging, USB sticks, sample menstrual cups and staff administration. Generous donations of pads, tampons, period underpants and modern cloth pads from Brand Partners allows each Resource Kit to have samples of all the modern sustainable sanitary options so that teachers and students can see them first hand.

Learning about green period care options at school

If your tween or teenager has had the period talk at school and reusable period products weren’t mentioned, it would be a great idea to put the school in touch with the Sustainable Period Project, who are supplying a resource kit to every high school in Australia and New Zealand. The project is due to be completed by 2020.

Teachers using the resource kits say that students have been very receptive and open to the idea of reusable period products, especially with the presence of outside influences such as Plastic-Free July, War on waste, and Zero-Waste movements.

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