7 Key Features That Make Lunette Cup Unique

When women first begin to research menstrual cups, they assume all cups are the same. Cups may look similar in shape, but they are indeed not the same. If you are researching menstrual cups, we would like you to know about seven features that make Lunette unique.

7 features that make Lunette cup unique

  1. Dimensions: Lunette’s dimensions are different. Lunette is slightly shorter in length than some other brands, yet designed to maximize capacity. A shorter length allows for more comfortable wear. If a cup is too long, it may protrude - not comfy. If a menstrual cup is not comfortable -- you won't wear it. When properly positioned, a cup should not be felt.
  2. Consistency: Lunette offers two different types of consistency: one firm and one soft. The larger model (size 2) is firm and easily pops open during insertion. While the smaller model also (size 1) opens easily - it's consistency is different: It was designed to be softer and squishier. This is a benefit for younger users, new to menstrual cups or tampons, to make insertion easier. It also is more comfortable for women with lower sensitive cervix's or who have sensitive bladders.
  3. Size: Small but mighty. Because even the smaller size holds far more than a super-plus tampon, even women with heavy flow can use Lunette cup without problems. How much can a Lunette hold versus a tampon? 
  4. Smoother rim: Lunette’s rim is not pronounced. For some, this results in more comfort and easier insertion.
  5. The stem: Lunette’s stem is flat and flexible. For women who choose to leave the stem on their cup, this feature cannot be felt as easily while wearing. Because Lunette’s stem is solid, there is no place for blood and bacteria to collect.
  6. Air holes: Lunette’s air holes are larger, making it easier to clean. Interior surface: Lunette menstrual cups have a smooth interior surface with no inscriptions to collect blood and make difficult to clean.
  7. Appearance/Colors: Lunette menstrual cups come in colors that are FDA approved. Although it’s the sort of thing no one sees – women like a choice. We like to use something pretty, especially for times when we might not feel so pretty.

When making a buying decision, it is good to compare. If you'd like to try one for yourself, contact one of our U.S. retailers here if you are in North America. If you in another part of the world, click here for our international retailers.